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in pokemon dp you get a steelix in olg of alpha


The easiest way is to get an Onix, give it a Metal Coat and trade it, or trade for a Steelix from someone else.

Otherwise, Iron Island is your best bet, or Victory Road or Snowpoint Temple

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Q: Where can you find steelix in pokemon diamond?
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Can heatran and steelix produce an egg on Pokemon diamond?


Where is steelix on Pokemon diamond?

On iron island at the last room.

How do you get metal coats on Pokemon diamond?

Wild Steelix can hold it, or you need to find on Iron Island after beating the Elite Four.

What level will onix evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You'll need it to hold a Metal Coat and link trade it to the other person for a Steelix. You could also find Steelix on Iron Island or Victory Road, but it is rare.

Can you list all the Pokemon in victory road on Pokemon diamond?

graveller, golbat, machoke, medicham, onix, steelix, floatzel

What Pokemon does the metal cloak evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You have to make the following Pokemon hold the metal cloak and then trade them: Onix = Steelix Scyther = Scizor

Strongest rock type Pokemon in diamond?

Torterra and Golem are a few good choices

How does onix evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You need to give ONIX a METAL COAT to hold. Then trade him and he will evolve into a STEELIX.

What is a good team for Pokemon Diamond or pearl that has no legendary and part of the normal Dex?

A good team for Pokemon diamond or pearl is probably Empoleon, Staraptor, Roserade or, Steelix, Machamp, and Haunter or Gengar.

What Pokemon does Byron have in Pokemon Diamond?

Byron has the following pokemon: 1. Lv.36 Bronzor 2. Lv.36 Steelix 3. Lv.39 Bastiodon

Where do you find steelix in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't find Steelix, in order to get one you must trade an Onix to a friend while its holding the item Metal Coat then ask your friend to give it back to receive Steelix.

What is Second biggest Pokemon?

accourding to the Pokemon diamond and pearl national pokedex, the second biggest Pokemon is steelix. in the sinnoh pokedex it would be onix. hope that helped -jenny333