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you find him in the ranch where you first see team plasma

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Q: Where can you find riolu in Pokemon black 2?
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Where can you catch a shiny riolu in Pokemon Black 2?

Anywhere that you can catch Riolu. Shiny Pokemon can appear anywhere and anytime; with a 1/8192 chance of one appearing.

What level does riolu evolve in Pokemon black?

When u get it 2 high friendship of 220!

How do you catch riolu twice?

You cannot do that unless you have Pokemon rangers 2. So if you want another riolu you have to get Pokemon rangers 2.

Where to find rilou in Pokemon Ranger 2?

riolu is only obtainable through a special misson

Is Riolu hard to find in Pokemon Black and White 2?

yes it is I've tryed for an hour but i can't still find one :(

Where can you find a Riolu by Pokemon soul-silver?

the only way 2 get riolu is 2 trade over from diamond, pearl or platinum

Is Riolu hard to find in Black and White 2?

yes it is I've tryed for an hour but i can't still find one :(

Where to find riolu on pokemon pearl?

You have to talk to riley on iron island. Beat 2 galactic grunts and he'll give you a riolu egg. Walk 6,000 and sumthin' steps, or use a cheat.

How do you find the captain in Pokemon black 2?

How to find the captain on pokemon black2

Can you find starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white 2?


Where can you find two fire stone in Pokemon Black 2?

in pokemon black and white

Can you get a Riolu in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, you can catch a wild Riolu in Pokémon White 2. Riolu can be found in the Floccesy Ranch. Additionally you have the option of using the Dream World in order to find Riolu in the Rugged Mountain island however you need a minimum of 10,000 Dream Points in order to unlock the Rugged Mountain area in the Dream World.