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there has to be a pokemon outbreak for it to work, s/he is in route 2

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Q: Where to find wynaut in Pokemon black?
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Where do you find wynaut in Pokemon platinum?

You have to breed a Wobbuffet to get Wynaut

Where to find wynaut in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't! Only in Ruby and Sapphire. Then you can migrate the Wynaut to Diamond and Pearl.

What type of Pokemon is Wynaut?

Wynaut is a Psychic type pokemon.

Where can you find a wynaut in Pokemon platinum?

You have to breed wobbuffet with a Lax incense

What is in the Pokemon in the egg in lavaridge in Pokemon?


How do you get a wynaut?

Breed a Wobbuffet holding a Lax Incense. In pokemon black and white you can find them on Route 2 in swarms. Only game to get them in swarms other than breeding.

What level does wynaut evolve on Pokemon emerald?

wynaut will evolve in level 15

Can the Pokemon wynaut use surf?


What is the Pokemon for the mirage isiand on Pokemon emerald?

The mirage Pokemon is Wynaut.

What is the national pokedex number for Wynaut?

Wynaut is #360 in the national pokedex, and it is a Psychic type Pokemon.

What do you use the incenses for in Pokemon black?

they up the power of a certain type depending on the iscence or it is used in breeding to get baby Pokemon in the eggs (such as wynaut or igglybuff or pichu)

In Pokemon emerald what is no360 on the pokedex?