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At lumbridge where the chicken house is go to the back of that house and you will find onion plants pick the onions you can pick as many as you want feel free to leave comments .

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Q: Where can you find onions in runescape?
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Where can you find onions on RuneScape?

You can find onions in a bunch of places. Farms can have them, some produce stores have them, a bunch of players may have them, or you can buy them off the Grand Exchange.

Where to find onions on runescape?

You can pick them from behind Farmer Fred's farm, just follow the road North from Lumbridge Castle.

Where are onions found in runescape?

In the onion field outside Rimmington.

Where Find an onion on runescape?

Onions can be found in a variety of locations. If you are doing the Witch's Potion quest, there is a field with onions and cabbage just north of Rimmington. Pick one of the nine there. Onions are useful for making dyes as well as completing the quest.

Where can you find spinebeam trees in RuneScape?

you can find sinebeam trees in Daemonheim on runescape

Where do you get onions in runescape near draynor village?

In the patch behind Fred the farmer's farmhouse. also in the patch by Melzar's maze

How do you get to the blue nights Inn on RuneScape?

you need to get 2 woad leaves from the gardener in the house in faldor park. and you need to get red berries. you can find red berries by a mining place near you need onions (i think you need 2 onions).

Where do you get onions in RuneScape?

you can pick them at some farms like out the back of Fred the farmers one near lumbridge or if you are a member you can grow your own

What is a good popular game if you like RuneScape?

If you like RuneScape, then you will find RuneScape a good and popular game.

Where do you find mithril in gates of andaron?

this is not runescape. Mithril is only on runescape.=/

Where can you find onions?

The Foodnetwork Store

Where is RuneScape in dragonfable?

RuneScape and DragonFable are different games. You won't find on of them "in" the other.