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you find it in ur 4SS xD you are g4y xD :P haha u suks omg lol xD

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get laid n00b

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maybe beat all gym leaders to get them

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Q: Where can you find legendary in Pokemon deluge easily?
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How can you get a legendary PokΓ©mon on PokΓ©mon deluge?

To find legendary Pokemon in deluge,you unlock certain ones with every bundle of gym badges and Pokemon league completions from different regions.

How can you find the legendary Pokemon of Kanto in Pokemon deluge?

you can find mew,articuno,mewtwo,moltres and zapdos hope i helped my user on pokemon deluge is pokemonzoroak trade me if you want

Where to find all legendary pokemon in pokemon deluge?

the legendaries can be found when you defeated all gyms

How can you find legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Deluge Updated?

Know one knows because there isn't any

How do you find legendaries in Pokemon deluge?

You can find legendary pokemons after you battle the gym leaders and the elite 4.

Is Pawniard a legendary Pokemon?

It is not a legendary Pokemon. Rather, it's a common Pokemon that you can easily find in the wild.

Where do you get Dialga in Pokemon deluge?

we find dialga in map 3 in Pokemon deluge...

What map can you find all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

well that is almost impossible to know but what you can try is search in every map and in every grass patch

Where did you can find Regina Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

from your mom

Where can you find moltres in Pokemon deluge?

you can find moltress in Pokemon deluge in map 10 the lava map.

Where to find Palkia in Pokemon deluge?


Pokemon deluge where to find a fire stone?

you find them underground