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... If you're asking that you haven't finished the game. Just enjoy playing through, and you're guaranteed to find them. ^_^

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Q: Where can you find isaac in golden sun 2?
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How do you transfer clear data from golden sun to golden sun - 2?

There are two possible methods to do so, once you have beaten Golden Sun, at the black logo screen hold L + R + Left and press B. This will activate an option called transfer. Select this option to either transfer data through a link cable (Requires two Game Boys) or receive a password in the form of letters and numbers which you can enter into your Golden Sun 2 game to transfer the data. If you use the password option you can choose from one of 3 levels of password. Higher levels are longer and harder to enter, but allow more data to be transfered. (The link cable option transfers the same amount of data as the highest password)

How do you get golden weapons on call of dity modern warfare 2?

There are no golden weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

How does Isaac destroy the marker in dead space 2?

Isaac encounters the parts affected by the Marker, which he shoots and destroys along with the Nicole vision

Can you get golden guns on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

on call of duty modern warfare 2: no you cannot get golden guns =( call of duty 6 is black ops not mw2 idiot far as the golden skins could be because there's a locked camo that you need 14 prestige to unlock

Castlevania curse of darkness evolve brow?

make isaacs spear and get 100 evolve crystals. to make isaacs spear steal 4 cerimonial tools from vassago by launching them then jump and steal. then steal 4 spirit of fuji from lesser demon when the dive at you. then make 4 susamata spears. then make 2 naginta spears. then steal devils vein from isaac in cordona. make 2 tridents.then you take a mericle from a golden bone.

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How do you get frost on golden sun book 2?

when Piers joins your team he'll have that ability already....or, if you transfer data from you golden sun when you meet up with Isaac they will have a frost gem

Where do you get the ability Force in Golden Sun 2?

you have to do a transfer with golden sun 1 after that you will get the force gem

What video game has the longest password ever?

Definitely the password in the Golden Sun 2.. Although you can transfer files from Golden Sun to Golden Sun 2 , the password is a more direct approach and the Golden Password contains about 256 characters!

What is the golden ratio in a sun flower?

The Golden Ratio is [1 + sqrt(5)]/2.

How do you trasfer your golden sun file to golden sun 2?

You must clear the first Golden Sun game then you use the R and L buttons to get to a special page where you are able to transfer data. Finally you require a cable that is able to link your SP/GBA to another SP/GBA that has the Golden Sun 2 in it's slot.Finally you can transfer the data.

How do you save babi in golden sun?

You can't. His death is vital to Golden Sun 2. The only way to save Babi is to hack the game, which is illegal.

Is the golden sun series over?

Probably not. The Creators said Golden Sun 1&2 were intended to be a prequel to the actual story. Now they released Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and the ending of it suggests that it isn't over yet.

What are the ratings and certificates for Empires Egypt's Golden Empire - 2001 Pharaohs of the Sun 1-2?

Empires Egypt's Golden Empire - 2001 Pharaohs of the Sun 1-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Who will be the villains in Golden Sun Ds?

*SPOILER* The villains in Golden Sun DS are Blados and Chalice (of the Tuaparang). they aren't encountered or mentioned in the first 2 games. another villain is Alex, which calls himself Arcanus now.

Are there Gameshark codes for golden sun?

For Golden Sun 1 and 2 there are gameschark codes. I'm not sure if there are any for the 3rd game but i think so.

How tall is Isaac Deitz?

Isaac Deitz is 6' 2 1/2".

How do you find the measures of an golden rectangle?

The golden rectangle ratio: 1:(1 + the square root of 5) over 2 or about 1.618