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in a shop

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Q: Where can you find cream the rabbit toy?
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Were you can find cream the rabbit plush?


Who is cream the rabbit?

Cream is a creamed colored rabbit from the sonic series that has a Chao named cheese

Who is Cream the rabbit's Dad?

Cream the Rabbit's father is Vanilla the Rabbit. Cream and Vanilla are often seen together in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

What colour is cream the rabbit?

Cream and light brown

What colour is cream the rabbit's skin?

Easy cream

Is Cream the Rabbit Mischievous?


Is Cream the Rabbit rude?

No, but she can be.

What is cream to sonic?


What is the rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog games called?

Cream the Rabbit

What are the best toys for a rabbit?

toy carrots

Can you get rabbit friendly sun cream?

Do you actually need rabbit sun cream? They have fur! But if your rabbit is skinless, I might see your point, then I suggest that you asked your vet.

Who is Vanilla the Rabbit?

vanilla the rabbit is cream's mother on sonic x