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you can go underground if you have the mining kit and search there and you'll find all kinds of shards.

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Q: Where can you find blue shards in platinum?
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Blue shards in platinum?

you can find them underground

What colors are all shards in Pokemon platnium?

The color shards you can find in Pokemon Platinum are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Shards.

How do you get the TM dive in platinum?

You cannot find it as a hm in platinum but some Pokemon can learn it naturally. You can get from the move tutor on route 212 for 2 red shards, 4 blue shards and 2 yellow shards. HOPE THIS HELPS

How many shards are in Pokemon Platinum?

There are four shards in Pokemon Platinum- red, blue, green and yellow. They can all be found in the Underground.

Where do you find shards in Pokemon platinum?

Mining and digging Underground.

How many blue shards do you need for the zen headbutt in Pokemon platinum?

4 blue shards i think teach it to a golduck or psyduck holding the mind plate it does 100 i think !

How do you get fire punch in platinum?

There is a move tutor west of pastoria city who will teach it to one of your Pokemon for 6 blue shards and 2 red shards ;)

Where do you find the blue shards in Pokemon Ruby version?

Blue shards are found underneath the water while diving.

Where can you buy shards in Pokemon ruby?

They can't be bought. You can find them underwater, or attached to wild pokemon. Chinchou have yellow shards, Clamperl have blue shards, Relicanth have green shards and Corsola have red shards.

How NT shards does it take to learn ice punch in Pokemon platinum?

Go to house by pastoria it to the left of the city past muddy swamp place give the lady 20 blue shards

How many shards are there in Pokemon Platinum?

There are four shards in Pokemon Platinum which are the red, blue, green and yellow shards. These can all be found in the Underground and they are also held by certain Pokemon. I know that Corsola can hold a red shard and that Relicanth can hold a green shard. The shards can be traded with various move tutors who will teach your Pokemon an attack in exchange for a certain combination of shards. The three move tutors are found on Route 212, in Snowpoint City and in the Survival Area.

Where can you get lots of blue shards in Pokemon soul silver?

Ruins of Alph. If you smash the rocks then you will find a lot of shards and some fossils.