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at the very far end of meteor falls (you need waterfall(HM)) shows you where to get one

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Q: Where can you find bagon in Pokemon ruby?
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What Pokemon games have bagon in it?

Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

Where to find began in Pokemon Ruby?

you can find beginers in any game and everywhere once on leaf green i found a bulbasuer at a volcaino. Do you mean the Pokemon 'Bagon'? Or do you mean a starter Pokemon? Bagon evolves into Shelgon which evolves into Salamence. Bagon is found in Meteor Falls.

How do you get a bagon on Pokemon Pearl?

migrate it from Pokemon emerald ruby or sapphire

Where is bagon in Pokemon Ruby?

really rare in meteor falls need surf and waterfall to get to where bagon is

What route is bagon on in ruby?

Bagon is in Meteor Falls..if you use Waterfall in there, you get to a different area where you can find Bagon.

How do you catch bagon on Pokemon ruby?

You have to go to meteor falls and use surf. There will be a room at the back. You will find bagon after quite some tries only as it is very rare.

How do you get bagon on Pokemon White?

You can find bagon in white forest

How do you get Bagon in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to trade it from ruby, sapphire, or emerald.or buy Pokemon ocean version which you can use bagon as your starter.(very hard to raise!)bagon does not apear in that gamethe only way is trading it for a bagon in emerald when you have the ruby and the sorry, buy it is the only way...hes only in emerald

Where can you find salemence in Pokemon ruby?

you can't get him directly in salamence form you have to catch bagon in meteor falls then evolve it to shelgon then into salamence

Where do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon ruby?

To get a dragon scale is to catch a horsea or a bagon.

Can you breed bagon in ruby?

Yes, you can breed any Pokemon on any of the Pokemon games, except the legendary Pokemon.

How do you find the Pokemon Bagon on Pokemon Ruby?

you need to go to the deepest part of meteorite cave or what ever its called and use surf on the place but you need waterfall first, then you'll find a small area at the bottom of where you surfed. Get off the surf and then try looking for Bagon there.