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in solaceon town go past the house north of the pokecentre on the right and 3 steps north turn west and go in the gap between the treesgo to the end and go down and right then enter the cave called solaceon ruins and they are in there.

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Q: Where can you find an unknown in Pokemon pearl?
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How many Unknown Pokemon are then in pearl?

There is 28: A-Z, ! and ?

What does the digging maniac do in Pokemon pearl?

Helps you get an Unknown.

In Pokemon Pearl where do you find Dialga?

you do not find dialga in Pokemon pearl

How do you find unknown letter z in the ruins in Pokemon pearl?

you have to catch all of the other unknown forms from a-y then the letter z comes in the last room.

What does unknown do in Pokemon pearl?

All it can learn is hidden power. Sorry! Unknown person.......

Where is the x unknown in Pokemon pearl?

in the dead end floors

Where can you find Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum

Who is the best Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Pearl?

the best Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon pearl is heatran

Where do you get crodidile in Pokemon Pearl?

You don't find a Krookodile in Pokemon Pearl

On Pokemon Pearl how do you get unknown quickly?

on Pokemon you go to surulen cave in surulen and cach them with a masterball

What does the mystery gift in diamond and pearl give you?

The unknown pokemon rare pokemon that u have to cath

Where do you find raiku in pearl?

you cant find raiku in Pokemon pearl just Pokemon gold