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You can find an electrilizer behind the valley windworks by using surf

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Q: Where can you find an Electrizer in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do you get an electrizer on Pokemon platinum?

You can find electrizer in valley windworks.

How do you evolve Electibuzz in Pokemon Platinum?

1. Find an Electrizer item 2. Trade the Electibuzz with the Electrizer to a friend and it will evolve

Where can you get an electrizer in Pokemon platinum?

Use surf by the valley windworks and go right. There you willl find it.

How do you get electavire in Pokemon platinum?

Get electribuzz Electrizer and trade it

Pokemon platinum how do you evolve electabuzz?

you get an electrizer and then trade it

What level does electabuzz evalve at in Pokemon platinum?

you have to trade it with electrizer

How does elecribuzz evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Trade it with it holding an Electrizer

Ware you can find the item electrizer on Pokemon platinum?

first go to the valley windworks then make sure you have to have the HM for surf and then go on the right side of water and then you'll find a poke ball and theres the electrizer

Where do you get Electrizer on Pokemon Platinum?

it is near the valley windworks in a little patch of grass

Can you find an electizer in Pokemon platinum?

surf on the river on the top left of the valley windworks and on the right there will be an item pokeball wich contains an electrizer

Where to find electirzer on Pokemon platinum?

Have a look at route 222. The Electrizer can be found in the hands of wild electabuzz. Electabuzz hang out at route 222.

How do you evolve electrobuzz in Pokemon platinum?

You have to trade while u have electrobuzz and he is holding a electrizer