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just use surf

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Q: Where can you find a water type Pokemon in soulsilver?
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What type is seel in Pokemon SoulSilver?

a seel is type water, to get it surf.

How do you get a water type in Pokémon soulsilver not counting the starter Pokémon?

You can encounter a water type pokemon in the wild while fishing (the pokemon encountered depends of the rod used and the area you are fishing in) or while you are surfing on a pokemon. You could encounter a water type pokemon by trading as well.

What do you use to catch Spheal in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can use any type of Poke Ball that you want to catch Spheal in Pokemon SoulSilver.

What are the Pokemon that Blue has in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Exeggutor (grass type),Rhydon (rock type),Gyarados (water/ dragon type),Machamp (fighting/ rocktype),Arcanine (fire type),and Pidgeot (flying type).Gyarados is not dragon its actually water and flyinggarys (blue) team1.machamp2.arcanine3.exeggutor4.ryperior5.tyranitar6.pidgeot

How do you defeat chuck Pokemon soulsilver?

Use a high level flying type or psychic type.

Who do you give the water stone to on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you use it on some water type Pokemon to evolve them. example:pikachu+thunder stone example:polywhirl+water stone example:evee+fire stone example:Roselia+sun Stone example:murkrow+dusk stone a ever stone prevents your Pokemon from evolving

Which Pokemon can surf in Pokemon SoulSilver?

basically any water type Pokemon like here is an example: blastoise, corsola Well except one magikarp XD lol there are also other Pokemon such as snorlax youd be suprised on which Pokemon can surf

Pokemon SoulSilver what do you do when you get to cerulean city?

I balieve it is where you face off against misty but you have to find her on the top of the big bridge type walkway as far as you can go

How do you beat the last gymleader in Pokemon soulsilver?

If you mean Clair, then you should probably use ice type pokemon.

How do you enable GBP music type in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You have to have the game boy player, which you get after defeating Pokemon trainer Red

How do you beat Karen in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Since Karen's Pokemon are Dark types I'd recommend you use fighting types for Umbreon and psychic types on Gengar and her other's should be Vileplume which you need a fire type to defeat and Houndoom which is defeated with a water type.

What is the game ID for Pokemon SoulSilver and heart gold?

Type your answer here... the game id for Pokemon soul silver is ipge-2d5118ca