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Water stones can be found through multiple methods;

Kanto- Route 25 (Show Bill's Grandfather a Marill in HG or a Staryu in SS) and the Seafoam islands

Johto- Win the bug catching contest at the national park, or from the trainer on route 42 who gives you gifts

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Q: Where can you find a water stone on soul silver?
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Who evolves using the water stone in soul silver?

Evee evolves with the water stone into Vaporeon .

What level does lombre evolve in soul silver?

you have to evolve it with a water stone

What level does staryu evolve in soul silver?

You have to use a water stone.

Where do you find Leafeon in soul silver?

use a grass stone on eevee;-)

Were can you find a shiny stone Pokemon soul silver?

you find the sihny ston in mewtoo's cave

What Pokemon does Bill's grandpa want to see in Pokemon Silver?

In order of how he wants to see them (based on Heart Gold and Soul Silver): Gold/Heart Gold: Oddish - Leaf Stone Growlithe - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone Jigglypuff - Everstone Marill - Water Stone Silver/Soul Silver: Lickitung - Everstone Oddish - Leaf Stone Staryu - Water Stone Vulpix - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone

Where do you find another moon stone at on Pokemon soul silver?

You can get the moon stone in the cave when you are when you are heading to the Kanto Reigon.

Were do you find a dawn stone in Pokemon soul silver?

You can purchase a Dawn Stone at the Pokeathlon with points on certain days.

What level do you evolve a shellder on Pokemon soul silver?

You evolve shelder with a water stone.

What does water mean in soul silver?

if it's the ruins of alph that you're talking about, it's a water stone

Where to find a Arcanine in soul silver?

You have to catch a Growlithe, then give it a Fire Stone. It evolves.

Where do you find steven stone the third time in Pokemon soul silver?

You find him at the Pewter city meuseam.