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You could probably find one on eBay, but the love puppy webkinz has been retired for a very long time, so they are really hard to find. If you just want its item, try the trading rooms in webkinz world.

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Q: Where can you find a love puppy Webkinz?
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What is a webkinz love puppy code?

All love puppy codes are different.

Is there such thing as an unused Webkinz love puppy code?

Yer you might find it at you tube!

Webkinz love puppy?


Where to get a love puppy Webkinz?


Where can you find the Webkinz Misty Puppy?

You can find the Webkinz Misty Puppy on Amazon, type Webkinz Misty Puppy, It should come up for $17.54 Hope this helps!

Is there a love puppy webkinz cheap with tag?

if there is a little kinz love puppy then yes

Where can you get a cheap Webkinz love puppy?


Will the love puppy webkinz come out again?


Can you play Webkinz with the Love Puppy on Webkinz World?

If you have this Webkinz then, yes. But you have to use a code. If you do not, you can't. Love Puppies are no longer sold.

Where can you find the cheapest pegasus love puppy and sherbet bunny webkinz?

on eBay they have them for $2 and free shipping

What Webkinz are rare?

Black labs love puppy

Will the webkinz love puppy come out in 09?

The Love Puppy Came Out In February 2007. It Is Now Currently Unavailable.