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check the map locater on webkinz to see if they have any.

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Q: Where can you buy a webkinz peace puppy in Chicago?
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Where can you buy a webkinz peace puppy?

Most likely any store that sells webkinz they just came out this march (I got mine at Justice)

Where to buy a webkinz Love Puppy code?


Where can you buy the Webkinz clover puppy?

On the internet (Best place is

Where can you buy a webkinz pumpkin puppy?

You can find the webkinz Pumpkin Puppy at most Hallmark stores and Cracker Barrel Gift Shops. (it may only be in stores around Halloween)

Why is the webkinz love puppy retired?

They retired the love dog because people woudn't buy them!

Where to buy a webkinz love puppy in stores in NJ?

Sorry but love puppys are retired but you can get them on eBay

Does anybody have a code for love puppy in webkinz?

No, but you can buy one off of eBay for less than $.50!

Where do store owners buy webkinz?

Store owners buy webkinz from Ganz company in Cheektowaga, NY or Ont. Canada. They get a list to choose how many webkinz by numbers they want. They may not order retired webkinz and very rare ones like cheeky dog, cat, love puppy etc.

Where can you buy the webkinz love puppy?

Its seasonal it will hit stores at around Valentines Day every year for 10-15 dollars!!!

Can someone please give a code for a love puppy for webkinz?

a code can not be used more than once or it will not go buy a love puppy on EBAY.those cheats on the internet for pets dont go buy one yourself

How do you get kinz klips for webkinz?

Buy them where you buy Webkinz!

Has the Love Puppy Webkinz been retired?

Yes its retired so ganz is NOT making it anymore but you can still buy it on E-bay, Craiglists ect.