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you find the doll in vermilion city in the pokemon fan club its up the gym then wen you get it a guy named steven well talk about latios he well tell that latios is gona be wonderyng around kanto hope you catch it give the doll to the girl and she well give you a ticket to ride a train hope this helpt.

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Q: Where can you find a lost cherished poke doll in soul silver?
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Where is the lost doll in soul silver?

The Lost doll is in vermilion city in the Pokemon fan club building. it's on the table and looks like a Clefairy.

How do you find out that the copycat has lost her clefairy doll in Pokemon silver?

Aftnr u found the machine part for the powerplant speak to the copycats parents then speak to the copycat

How do you get the doll from the fans in soul silver?

Talk to the girl who lost the doll, then talk to the fat guy in the fan club. She will then give you a magnet train pass

Where do you find the lost doll the that copycat girl lost in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the fan club in Vermillion City.

What if the fat guy does not have the poke doll in soul silver?

It is on the table, but you may need to get the power back on in Kanto First, maybe even before Copycat will tell you about her lost doll.

Where do you find the doll that the copycat lost in Pokemon HeartGold?

at the fan club in saffron but talk to copycat first

How do you get the train to work soul silver?

you need to go to saffron and go to copycats house and you find out she lost a clefary doll then you go to viridian city and go to the food place thing talk to everybody one guy will give you the doll (while your there talk to the garbage cans to get another leftovers) after you bring the doll back copycat will give you the rail pass and you can use the train

How do you fix the magnet train in Pokemon soul silver?

(first, you must fix the power plant near cerulean.) You must give the copycat girl in saffron city her lost doll. Talk to her, and she will mimic you, saying that you will go find the doll for her. Go to vermillion city, and enter the Pokemon fan club. Talk to the guy at the table with the clefairy doll. He will give you the doll. Return it to the copycat girl, and she will give the magnet train pass.

Can you find a lost star doll password?

Yes when your logging in press forget password and fill it out Hope this helps Rockerfella2

How do you get back to johto from Kanto in Pokemon silver?

in saffron city find the copycat girl and shell tell you she lost her pokedoll (what a crybaby)and the Pokemon doll is in vermillion city in the Pokemon fan club talk to the dude with the clefariy and hell give you the doll then go back to saffron and give her the doll and shell give you a pass for the train there in saffron and itll take u back to olivine city ok. THNX!!!!!!!!

Where is the copycat doll lost in Pokemon heartgold?

the doll is in vermillion city in the Pokemon fan club

Where do you get the clefairy doll for the copycat girl in soul silver?

go to vermilion city into the fan club and talk to everyone one of them will give you the doll. then return it to copycat.