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There is no PS2 game converter. There is an emulator that tries to play a PS2 game on a computer called the PCSX2. That can be found on the related link

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โˆ™ 2011-08-09 12:52:47
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Q: Where can you download the ps2 game to PC game converter?
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How do you free download software to convert ps2 game to PC?

There is no software which will convert a PS2 Game Disc into a PC game Disc. PS2 emulation could allow a PC to play a PS2 game if you could find and download a reliable emulation

Can you download a Naruto game from ps2 to a PC?

no but you can connect with it

You know where you can download software to convert ps2 game CD to play on PC?

i want to download free software to convert ps2 game CD to play on PC

Can you use ps2 as PC to tv converter?


Where can you download a PlayStation 2 emulator for psp?

There is a PS2 emulator but it is for a PC the PSP could not run a PS2 game

Where can you get free ps2 games for PC?

PS2 games are not for the PC and are illegal to download

How you do the PC game super Metroid for ps2?

A PS2 does not play a PC game, but it is a Nintendo Game and also not played by the PS2

What is the cheat to get the general lee in gta sa for ps2?

you have too get the game on pc and download the car to the game i think

How do you play smackdown ps2 game on PC?

The PS2 game version will not play on a PC and SVR does not come as a PC game

Is there a software to convert PS2 game to PC game?

No there is poor quality software that will allow a PC to try to play the PS2 game, but none that will convent a PS2 game into a PC game

Can gh3 on ps2 be used on your PC?

no PS2 game can be used on a PC

Which is the poor quality software that converts ps2 game to PC?

Nothing converts a PS2 game into a PC game. A PCSX2 emulator and the PS2 bios will allow some PS2 files to run in a PC as PS2 games

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