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any where dude look on Google i dig soras hair

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Q: Where can you download good kingdom hearts sprites for pivot 3?
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Who can you download pivot sprites?

You go to are sprites,sticks and stick packs free for download.

Where can you get Kingdom Hearts sticks in pivot?

Check the Sources and Related Links section below for a chart of download-able Kingdom Hearts sticks.

Does pivot 3 uses sprites?

yes u can use sprites on pivot 3. to open a sprite: file>load sprite but i dont know where i can download sprites,sorry

Where can you Download Lazer beam sprites for pivot?

You find the lazer beam sprites at BY:van Update By =)Sarvadaman

Where can you download pivot sprites?

You can easily make them in paint. Save them and open sprite in pivot find it and open it simple.

What is pivot sprites?

Stickmen of Pivot

How do you get a pivot sprite pack 1? Click the second download button, not the one at the top. plunder sucks

How do you put Pokemon sprites on pivot?

on pivot press file and then there will be a option saying insert sprites and you would be able to put in any sprites you want.

Where can you find weapon sprites for Pivot 3.0?

One of the places to get Some pivot weapon sprites is then you look up sprites in the search engine....

Can you get a sprite on to pivot by Microsoft Word?

No. You Can get sprites for pivot in only.

Where to find pivot sprites to download?

You can make sprites or get them of MAKE= get a picture put it in paint save it and go to pivot press load sprites. DOWNLOAD= go to google and to and just click on it and press open or save. Some times it will be sprites or sometimes it will be STKs

Can pivot 2.2.5 sprites be used on pivot 3 beta?

Yess Yess