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You have to go to the official Club Penguin website to obtain any software. While the game claims to be free, many of the add ons cost money.

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Q: Where can you download an item obtainer for Club Penguin?
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How do you get the Club Penguin Item Obtainer?

use this link it might help You might want to create an account or beome a premium member u can search what u want to i recomend searching club penguin item obtainer and clicking on club penguin item obtainer 2010 good luck

When do those stylish sunglasses on club penguin but when can you get it?

u cant get them anymore because the sports shop which they were in is replaced by the epf so u cant them why dont u try item obtainer and download that instead

How do you get club penguin item obtainer without using plunder?

No plunder is the only website AND, plunder will also get u terminated, like i did.

How do you get club pengui item obtainer?

You get the item obtainer by using google, then just search club penguin item obtainer.scroll down and look for a download thatswill be perfect for you.Once you have found a good item obtainerdownload, you download it to your computer! Sometimes the cphacks are mostly are for windows, (its a brand new type of computer) So if you have a mac or something else, then you will have to search club penguin item obtainerfor mac or what ever type of computer you have.WARNING!: Some downloads are tricks for your computers which is called a virus.Sometimes when you use the cphack, it may get you banned! So watch out for that.If you want, you can use a beta tester for the hack. To do that just get a penguin you dontuse anymore and use that, if that penguin gets banned, I would not really Recommend that download.HAPPY HACKING PC USERS!

Can you download items for your Club Penguin?

Yes you can. First you need to buy an item though. Then go to the club penguin website.

Where in the last item in the water hunt in club penguin?

Where IS the last item in the water hunt in Club Penguin?In the water.

A Club Penguin item code?

It's a code you get from toys and such. Club Penguin toys.

What is the oldest item in Club Penguin?

The beta test hat, it was released the day Penguin Chat was changed into Club Penguin by Disney....... But Club Penguin is way better!!!!!!!!!

How do you get the laptop item on club penguin?

@ the store

Where do you get the sleek chic on Club Penguin?

Anyone can get this item, but you have to have an Ipad. To get the Sleek Chic you download the MyPenguin App and buy the Sleek Chic from the catolog.

How do you unpatch items on Club Penguin?

If it's imposible to unpatch, as it says on Penguin Storm if you try to buy an item that doesn't exist anymore, then you cant. However, if you download Penguin Storm from you can go into the Buy Item and type in the code and it will instantly unpatch the item if it unpatable. Hope this helped!

Where is the second last item for the recycle hunt on club penguin?

The second last item for the recycle hunt on club penguin is in the Ski village.It is in a shape of a pizza.