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You can get it from See related link.

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Q: Where can you download advance text for Pokemon?
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Pokemon advance text?

Pokemon advance text is a program that lets you change the things that your sprite or others in the games say

Where do you get Pokemon FireRed text editor?

Advance text is good for starters

Where do you download Advance Battle 3 for Pokemon hacks?


Can you get a Pokemon game on PC?

Download Virtual Boy Advance and then download the roms for the Pokemon games.

How can hack Pokemon Emerald text?

Yes you can hack the ROM. use advance text pokemon. (google it)

How do you play Pokemon LeafGreen on your computer?

First download Visualboy Advance Emulator, then download Pokemon Leafgreen version ROM and load it with Visualboy Advance.

Can you download all the Pokemon in sapphire version from PC to the game boy advance?

can you get all the pokemon in sapphire version download from pc to gameboy advance?

Does advance text Pokemon support mac program?

No advance text Pokémon does not run on Mac. Visual Boy advance and Mac Boy advance are good emulators for Mac.

How do you hack Pokemon emerald on vba?

There are lots of hacking tools like Advance Map or Advance Text, you should search in Google. Just make sure you don't download Elite Map because it has Trojan Virus in it.

Where can you download Pokemon ruby for boy advance?

esnips esnips

Where can you download Pokemon raptor for Visual Boy Advance?

no such thing . .

Advance text for hacking Pokemon wont load it says settings.ini can't be found why won't it load?

You need to download something called COMCTL32.OCX. Search COMCTL32.OCX in google and then click the first link download it. It should be called libary whe you save it. install it the try advance text again okay? Hope this helps :) :)