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As of 2010, there is only one semi-functional Wii emulator, known as Dolphin. You can download Dolphin at the related link below.

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Q: Where can you download a Nintendo Wii emulator?
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Is there a Wii emulator?

yes, it called dolphin, it is also a gamecube emulator download a wii ISO with torrent or rapidshare (etc...) then search dolphin wii emulator in Google and download it if your PC have a config that is strong enough, it will work perfect after you loaded the ISO into the emulator

Can you play Nintendo Wii on your PC?

yes you can by downloading wii emulator but you must have a wii remote (wiimote).

Where can you download free Wii emulators?

there is an emulator called dolphin. just go to google and put dolphin emulator for wii

How do you use Nintendo 64 emulator?

Download games (ROMS) from the Internet extract them and open them in the emulator

Is there a Nintendo Wii emulator for Mac OS X?

yes zerowii

How do you download Nintendo DS emulator?

You click the download button...then download it.

How do you download Minecraft on the Wii?

You cannot download Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii as it was not released for this console

Where to download to make your nindento ds emulator fast?

You can go to Emulator Zone. You can find any type of emulators ranging from all kinds of Nintendo device to Sony PS2's and others.

How do you get games on the Wii menu?

download the the nintendo wii shop

Where can you play kamen rider ganbride?

On a nintendo ds.If its is an emulator download desmume 0.9.6 or desmume 0.9.7 emulator.

What is a Nintendo DS emulator?

The Nintendo DS Emulator is a program that you download off the Internet and onto your computer. Then you can download any Nintendo DS game off of that site and play them on your DS Emulator. This is ILLEGAL though (since you did not technically buy it). People do say you gotta Delete it within 24 hours.

Where you can Download Wii Emulator?

I've put a link to the encyclopedia of emulation where you can download Dolphin, which is starting to display some Wii emulation.