Is it illegal to download a Nintendo DS emulator?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, but it is illegal to download ROMs, BIOS files or any unauthorized copies of DS games.

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Q: Is it illegal to download a Nintendo DS emulator?
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What is a Nintendo DS emulator?

The Nintendo DS Emulator is a program that you download off the Internet and onto your computer. Then you can download any Nintendo DS game off of that site and play them on your DS Emulator. This is ILLEGAL though (since you did not technically buy it). People do say you gotta Delete it within 24 hours.

Where can you download a free working version of Pokemon diamond or pearl for your Nintendo ds emulator?

Asking for this sort of thing is ILLEGAL.

How do you use Nintendo DS Emulator?

Download an (ILLEGAL) Nintendo DS ROM from the internet, open the emulator, click open, find the ROM and start playing. NOTE: The ROM may need to be extracted. Use a free program called Winrar to do the job. Also, get use to the emulator controls before playing.

How do you download Nintendo DS emulator?

You click the download button...then download it.

How do you download a Pokemon White version on your computer?

Pokemon White are a Nintendo DS game, so look for a Nintendo DS emulator.

Where can you download a free Nintendo DS emulator?

Where to download to make your nindento ds emulator fast?

You can go to Emulator Zone. You can find any type of emulators ranging from all kinds of Nintendo device to Sony PS2's and others.

How do you download Pokemon Black on laptop?

Use a Nintendo DS emulator & download a pokemon black rom

What Nintendo DS emulator is the best to download?

The no$gba is the best so far. I thing

Is there a Nintendo DS emulator for PC?

no$gba. google it. or just google, "nintendo ds emulator ".

Where to download inazuma eleven PC game?

you can download Nintendo ds emulator and download the ROM "inazuma 11" from mediafire

How do you play DS games on computer?

Go to and download Nintendo DS emulator (NO$GBA) and download roms from and extrct itIt will work