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You can't because Pokemon Black and White is meant for the DS. It has two screens whereas the visual boy advanced emulator only has one screen. I suggest you download a Nintendo DS emulator if you want to play B/W, though.

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Q: Where can you download Pokemon Black and White for visual boy advance?
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Is there a vba version of Pokemon Black out?

yes, its on a game website just search "visual boy advance pokemon black".

How do you change Pokemon in a version like Pokemon black chaos?

it isn't clear if you mean on gba or on a computer. Google Pokemon ROM hacking tools and, if you try hard enough, you will find a way* * you will need a _V_ ba(visual boy advance) to play it. Just Google "vba download"

What is the infinite rare candy for Pokemon Chaos Black?

im tring to find out my self chaos black is for visual boy advance by the way

How do you download Pokemon Black on laptop?

Use a Nintendo DS emulator & download a pokemon black rom

Where you find Pokemon black 2 ROM in visual boy advance?

sure you can get it of limewire but i would advise you to google it and just download one of them if it dos'nt work try another website I know i good website its called

Where can you download Pokemon Nintendo Black?

Pokemon black and White download can be found.................................................................................... Asscheaks suck mai dick thts where

Does Pokemon Black work on R4i advanced?

YES POKEMON BLACK WORKS ON R4i but on R4i Advance GO to WE DONT KNOW about Pokemon Black 2

Which is the best site to download Pokemon white free?

the best site to download pokemon black and white is WWW.DSIROM.COM

Is there Pokemon black on pc with no rom download?

I highly doubt there is. Sorry, but most official Pokemon games require download.

Where can you play Pokemon Black online for free?

There's no Pokemon Black game online. It requires download as in ROM.

How do you get Pokemon chaos black?

Download VBA, then search for it Google. You'll find the download.

When does keldo come out to Pokemon Black?

It has not yet been announced when Keldeo will be available for download in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version.