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Q: Where can you download WBFS backups for Wii for free?
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How do you download wii games onto external hardrive with WBFS?

Description: the wii is soft modded and i want LOZ skyward sword to work but when i go on it it goes back to the wii menu the external hardrive is HITACHI

Can you download Minecraft to Wii?

yes you can download minecraft but its not free fo game

Does it cost anything to get Wii internet and does it cost anything to use Wii internet?

It used to cost $5 to download the wii internet, but now it is free to download and free to use.

Can you download free Wii games off the internet?

you have to jailbreak it first i think, but you can download them off the wii channel on the wii! hope i helped

Where can you download Wii games on the Internet for free? you can download it from

Is it free to download the wii internet channel?


Can you watch a film on the Wii?

Yes, there is a Netflix channel available for the Wii. You can download it from the Wii Shop Channel for free.

Where can you download for free new Super Mario Brothers wii?

This world is not free; you have to pay!

Is a mod chip when you download a mod on a computer then add it to what if your game console?

No, its a chip that modifys whatever its put into. Many different types for game systems like the wii you can get a modchip to alow your wii to read dvds dvd-r ect. then with that you can also make game backups on dvd-r's or free games that were downloaded. Did i get off subject.

How do you get free internet on Wii?

Yes if download the wii internet channel from the wii store you should be able to do it if u have a wireless or wired router.

Can you have ebuddy on Wii?

yes, you can download internet channel from the wii shop channel (free), then open it and go to

If you download a game to a wii from the Wii shope channel and decide to delete it can you get it again for free if you decide you want it again?