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On OpenBooks Website. But it is dead unfortunately.

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Q: Where can you download Plug-ins for Yoot Tower?
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When did Yoot Tower happen?

Yoot Tower happened in 1998.

When was Yoot Tower created?

Yoot Tower was created in 1998.

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Just go to and download craft bukkit and install the plugins that you want

How do you download plugins?

just go and follow the rules!

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Can you put plugins in a minecraft LAN world?

Yes. It doesn't matter if it's LAN I believe. You just have to download some plugins and put it in the plugins server if you're using vanilla minecraft.

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Bukket download it for awesome things

How do you update a craft bukkit server for minecraft?

Download the latest CraftBukkit server from corner of the home page). For plugins, click on 'Get Plugins'.