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You can't buy any ethers or elixirs in the game - you get them through random Pokéballs scattered around. You can use a Leppa Berry instead.

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Q: Where can you buy ethers in Pokemon black?
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Can you buy ethers in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you find ethers in Pokemon platinum?

seeing how you can not buy them you just find them randomly

Where can you buy pp up Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot buy PP Ups or Elixirs/Ethers in Pokemon Platinum. You can find them around the map, however.

Where do you buy Ether in Pokemon ruby?

somewhere on the game

How do you buy ethers in platinum?

Ethers and Leppa berries will recover PP. They're both hard to find, but if you catch some Clefairy Pokemon they might hold a Leppa berry.

Where can you buy ether on Pokemon fire red and Pokemon leaf green?

I don't think you can buy Ethers. But you can farm berries. I'm not sure if they're in FR/LG.

Where can you get ethers on Pokemon Diamond?

You can not buy ethers from the PokeMart, but you can find them lying on the floor in certain routes. If you have a Pokemon that knows the move Cut, go to the top left corner of the Eterna Forest where you can find the Old Chateau. There is an Ether there if you have not already got it. There are about three more, but I can not remember where they are. Hope you find them! Good luck! And you can get 999 of them from ar cheats for more of advise they are 20$ at walmart. They can get you 999 ethers. Thank You!!

What do you do when you have finished Pokemon Black?

buy Pokemon white

How do you get to Pokemon White and Black?

you buy it

Which poke mart sells max ethers in Pokemon leaf green?


What do max ethers do on Pokemon diamond?

they fully restore the pp for one move

Where can you find ethers on Pokemon platinum?

there is one in the old chateau in etrna forest