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there is one in the old chateau in etrna forest

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Q: Where can you find ethers on Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you find ethers in Pokemon platinum?

seeing how you can not buy them you just find them randomly

Can you buy ethers in Pokemon platinum?


Where can you buy pp up Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot buy PP Ups or Elixirs/Ethers in Pokemon Platinum. You can find them around the map, however.

How do you buy ethers in platinum?

Ethers and Leppa berries will recover PP. They're both hard to find, but if you catch some Clefairy Pokemon they might hold a Leppa berry.

Where do you find all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

buy the Pokemon platinum book

Where do you find the 151st Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

The 151st Pokemon is Mew and is unobtainable in Pokemon Platinum.

Where can you find a Torchic egg in Pokemon Platinum?

no you can't find a torchic egg in Pokemon platinum

Where do you find a max ether on Pokemon emerald?

not sure im wondering the same thing :( If I remember correctly, MAX potion/ethers could only be found. You can find Max Ethers in caves only. ~ Danni

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

How do you catch Zekrom in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find zekrom in pokemon platinum

Where can you find route 233 in Pokemon Platinum?

There is not a route 233 on Pokemon platinum.

What are all the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum and were can you find them?

you find them in the cave