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ummm listen, sorry to tell you, but you can't buy any exilrs in the game :S. Sorry...

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Q: Where can you buy elixir in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you find or buy Max Elixir or Elixir in Pokemon Fire Red?

at the bottom of the cycleing road.

Where can you find or buy Max Elixir or Elixir in Pokemon Yellow?

In the Pokemon tower, it's next to the power plant, and route 8!

What does an elixir do in Pokemon?

Elixir restores the PP of a Pokemon's move. There are two types of Elixir: Elixir, and Max Elixir, which restores the PP of all of a Pokemon's moves.

Where do you find all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

buy the Pokemon platinum book

What Pokemart in Pokemon Platinum do you buy dynamite?

You cannot buy dynamite in the pokemart's of Pokemon platinum .

Where can you buy pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get PP ups in Pokemon platinum.

How do you play Pokemon platinum no downloads?

You simply buy it. That or find a Platinum ROM. Buy it

I like grass physic and water type Pokemon so should I buy SoulSilver or HeartGold when they come out?

Well if you like them just buy Pokemon diamond&pearl,if you already have then buy Pokemon platinum THEN if you HAVE Pokemon platinum buy Pokemon HeartGold&/orSoulSilver. because Pokemon diamond,pearl&platinum are all alike.

Where can you buy ancient power on Pokemon platinum?

You can't buy it, it comes with a pokemon.

Can you buy ethers in Pokemon platinum?


Can you buy Pokemon Platinum a DS and an ARv3 at best buy?

you can buy a ds and AR but Pokemon platinum has not come out yet but will be here by march 22 2009

How do you buy berry juice in Pokemon platinum?

There is no berry juice in Platinum