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Blackberries cannot be bought in regular food stores like other items. Blackberries can only be found on bushes like raspberries or thimbleberries. Sometimes however, you can find where people have sold blackberries back to either a general store or food store.

The largest blackberry patch is above Sunshine Meadows on Horse Isle.

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Q: Where can you buy blackberries on HorseIsle?
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Where can you find Blackberries on horseisle?

Blackberries can be found in little bushes around the isles. They are the same as Thimbleberry bushes.

Which person on horseisle do you give 20 raspberries and 20 blackberries to?

Linnea on Ice Isle. - Jpwx from Pinto

HorseIsle where can you find blackberries?

In berry bushes, general stores or food stores GeorgiaRose Palomino server

Where is the best place to find blackberries on HorseIsle?

There is no true "best place" to find blackberries. Follow the path up from Hoof Isle towards Appleton, you will come across a large chunk of ranches, surrounded by some bushes. Walk through there, and pick up any blackberries you find. There is also a large patch a bit southwest of Treeton, and near Appleton. You can also buy them at food stores and general stores if they have any in stock. And some players sell them directly to other players.

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Wington food store =)

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Wington Tack Shop

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You can buy tham at Earton General Store :)

How do you get wool in HorseIsle 2?

You either have to grow it on your ranch or buy it.

Where can you Buy or Get a Gerbil on HorseIsle?

Treeton Pet Store for $3,000.

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"Blackberries are available at At&t phone stores, as well as Verizon stores. You can also buy new and used ones online, from Amazon and Ebay."

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you can buy one at the tool shop

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