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At the Volcano Overlook. How to get there? Read on............

1. Arrive on South Volcano Beach.

2. Explore the island a little.

3. When you get to the Geyser Plains, press "EXPLORE" at the geyser.

4. If this doesn't work, (therefore meaning you don't get through) go up to the right hand side pathway.

5. There, you should find a chisel. It won't appear in your Sim's hand, so try pressing O. This is circle on the console.

6. Select "INSPECT BOULDER" and it should fall down.

7. Direct your Sim to go down to the geyser - and boulder, if you did the last two steps correctly.

8. Go through the geyser and wait.

9. The loading screen appears.

10. You come out on the Volcano Overlook!

You shouldn't build a Mansion Bungalow as itself.

Instead, build a Cabin. Family, Vista, it doesn't matter. They're all bigger than a Mansion Bungalow.

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Q: Where can you build a mansion bungalow in sims 2 castaway ps2?
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How do you build a bungalow in sims castaway?

you must have all the supplies and skills and room on the fire code to build it

Where can you build a large house on sims 2 castaway?

You need to have the materials and experience for a bungalow, they are the biggest houses.

How do you build your own bungalow on sims 2 castaway?

Because the description says "bungalows are roomy and resistant to weather", you need to have maxed out skill for everything. The place where a small bungalow would fit is West Beach on the second island, or, if you can reach it, the Volcano Overlook, where you can build three Mansion Bungalows. I suggest building a Mansion Bungalow, then design, on paper, a big extension. Then transfer the design on the Overlook. Hope it helped!

Were can you fit a manor bungalow in the sims 2 castaway.?

The Geyser Plains on Volcano Island

How do you build the mansion bungalow on sims 2 castaway?

to start with you need mechanical level. 10 and creativity. 6. you need sandalwood-106, hardwood-106, metal ore-12, glass-20 & clay-187 plus a hammer ( including craft desk) by michaela

How do you build a 2nd workbench on sims castaway?

On Sims Castaway to Make another Work U can Use Hard Wood

Where can you build a mansion bungalow on Sims 2 Castaway?

On the volcano island, you can have about three in the same area. You have to build a boat first. You don't have to build the boat (Catamaran) first, I didn't. Good luck collecting all the materials w/o the takes forever and since I already knew what I needed to do and didn't want to spend the time, I felt no guilt over using the cheat to get max materials.

How do you build a mansion on sims 2?


How do you get the mansion on The Sims?

If it is for PC you have to build a mansion or buy a stuff pack called sims 2 mansion and graden stuff

How do you build showers on sims castaway psp?

Build to Cabins and to Cabin Chairs :)

How do you build the cabin chairs?

plz help me for sims 2 castaway

Which sims game lets you build their homes?

You cam build homes in any Sims game. But if you want to assemble your home, you have to play Sims 2 Castaway.