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You need to have the materials and experience for a bungalow, they are the biggest houses.

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Q: Where can you build a large house on sims 2 castaway?
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What is an island game where you build houses and stuff?

The Sims 2 Castaway enables you to play on an exotic island, but is based on the traditional Sims series, where you have to build a house.

How do you place lots in the sims castaway stories?

I think all you do is just build your house anywhere randomly.

How do you build a 2nd workbench on sims castaway?

On Sims Castaway to Make another Work U can Use Hard Wood

How do you build showers on sims castaway psp?

Build to Cabins and to Cabin Chairs :)

How do you get the showers in the sims 2 castaway?

In order to get plans for the shower and outhouse in sims 2 castaway you need to build a house or shelter plan called Compact Burgalow. Once you finish building it you'll automatically get the plans for it but not the materials needed

How do you build the cabin chairs?

plz help me for sims 2 castaway

Which sims game lets you build their homes?

You cam build homes in any Sims game. But if you want to assemble your home, you have to play Sims 2 Castaway.

What do you do with the llama statues on sims 2 castaway wii?

llama statues are just for decoration for your castaway house.

How can you place lots on sims castaway?

yes if it is on the computer but if is is on the ps2 you can build houses on large lots (gayser plains on the third island is a good one)

Where do you build canoe in Sims 2 Castaway on Wii?

by the piers in the East Beach

How do you build a bungalow in sims castaway?

you must have all the supplies and skills and room on the fire code to build it

Is there pirates in sims castaway?

No, there are no pirates in sims castaway.