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Used games for the PlayStation 3 game console can be purchased from a number of places. Offline retailers such as Game Stop sell used PlayStation 3 games. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay also have used PlayStation 3 games listed as being for sale.

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Q: Where can one buy used games for the PlayStation 3?
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Which stores sell PlayStation 1 games?

Depending on the version of Playstation that one is looking for games for, one can either buy games new at any game store or most mass merchant retailers. If one is buying games for one of the earlier versions, then used games are the only option. For these one can check at flea markets, garage sales, or in some games stores.

What can one buy from the PlayStation Store?

There are many digital products available for purchase from the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Store has games and movies, hundreds to chose from.

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Do PlayStation two games work on the PlayStation one?

no, but you can play playstation 1 games on a ps2

Where can I buy parts for a ps3 system?

There are plenty of websites that you can buy playstation parts from. This is one of the websites:

Can you play PlayStation two games on PlayStation one?


Where can one purchase used video games for PlayStation 2?

Used video games for a PlayStation 2 can be purchased from many retailers online and in-store. These retailers include "eBay", "Amazon", "Game" and "Gumtree".

How do you games on the PSP full games?

You go to Sony or any store and buy the disk. Or you can use the PS3(if you have one) and buy it there and get it to your PSP by USB drive. Or you can directly buy it off the PlayStation Store in your PSP.

What is the uses of a joystick?

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Can you buy the Sly Cooper PS3 collection on PlayStation Store?


Do you need a PlayStation eye for each PlayStation move controller?

No, playstation move only requires one playstation eye to operate. But you can not play most games with out the camera

Where can one buy a cheap PlayStation 2 memory card?

You can get a cheap PlayStation 2 memory card online from Amazon for roughly $13. You can also purchase used PlayStation 2 memory cards from used game stores such as GameStop.