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Q: Where can find a sims 3 character creator online?
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Who is the creator of The Sims 2?

William wright is the creator of the sims

Who is the creator of The Sims?

Will Wright

Who is xavera sims?

Most likely, Xavera Sims is a character sim in the Sims 2. Can't really find any information on this.

Is there an online game that has to do with your character trying to get someone to fell in love with them?

The Sims 2 and 3

Is there a online game where you can live in a house?

The Sims is an online game where you can live in a house. You decorate your house, get a job, get married, and have a family in the Sims game. You make choices for your character in the game.

Who is the developer of sim's?

The creator of Sims: EA

What is the creator of sims 2 name?

Will Wright

How do you get sims 2 holiday when you already have sims 2 installed?

you can buy the sims 2 holiday expansion pack :) you can find it online or you can try looking in stores, but you will have a better chance of finding it online

How do you import Sims you have created on Sims Creator?

they automatically imported into your game, just look for them

Where can you find the sims making magic for free online?

Unfourtunatley there is no such thing as Sims Online because The Sims requires a download and in order to download it you'd have to purchase it from a store because it also requires a CD & a bar code.

Could the first sims that were made for the playstation 2 get pregnant?

No, The creator of the sims hadn't thought about that when he made the first version of the sims.

When did The Sims Online happen?

The Sims Online happened in 2002.