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You first see him outside of Prof. Elm's lab, then you see him in Cherrygrove, from there on its random

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Q: Where are your rival locations in Pokemon Gold?
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Who is your rival in Pokemon Stadium two?

Your rival is named Rival and he's the same rival from Gold, Silver, and Crystal version. His official name however is Silver.

What Pokemon does Gary use in heart gold?

Gary isn't in heart gold and your rival chooses whatever Pokemon is opposite to yours.

How do you beat your rival in Pokemon gold with a croconaw?

To defeat your rival with a croconaw teach it ice punch, blizzard, and/or ice beam.

Battle Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium 2?

VS Mewtwo is not in Pokemon Stadium 2 instead a VS Rival mode was made for the game. The Rival is the rival from Gold, Silver and Crystal officially named Silver.

Who is silver on Pokemon?

Silver is the rival in the games Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

What happens to the Pokemon you and your rival don't take on Pokemon silver and gold?

The PokeBall containing the Pokemon that neither you nor your rival took will remain at Professor Elm's desk for the rest of the game. The PokeBall will never be given out for use by you or anyone else.

When does the police find the red haired boy who stole a Pokemon on heart gold?

They don't, he is your rival throughout the whole game and if he wasn't present you would not have a rival.

The places where you fight your rival in Pokemon gold?

da carnivl, wario's gld min, and yr butt.

Where do you find you rival after battling in mt moon in Pokemon soulsilver?

Pokemon league After beating him in mt moon Go up the stairs Untill your rival comes NOTE: he is only there on certain days this also works for heart gold

Which Pokemon does the rival have on Pokemon Pearl?

Your rival gets whichever Pokemon type yours is weakest to. ie you take the water, rival takes the grass.

What is Pokémon prism?

Pokemon prism is a hack game based off Pokemon Gold version. You start with a Larvitar.There is also a demonic rival and a troll professor.

Where do you find the kid who steals a Pokemon in Pokemon gold.?

He finds you throughout the game, just continue the story and forget about him, he is your rival, you will fight him at specific times in the game.