Where are the petpet park gardens?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is an area reached by clicking on the Home icon on the lower left hand corner of your petpet park main screen. Once there you can "walk" from your garden to the area known as Pawillion where you can buy garden items and sell your veggies and flowers for Park Points.

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Q: Where are the petpet park gardens?
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Where is the petpet plaza on petpet park?

The Petpet Plaza is found by easily looking in your map on Petpet park.

When was Petpet Park created?

Petpet Park was created in 2008-10.

Do you have a petpet park account?

You can use your Neopets account for PetPet park.

In PetPet Park where do you get the pickaxe?

At the Petpet Emporium.

How do you get another petpet on petpet park?

You don't.

Where is saltbeard's treasure in petpet park?

you guessed it, it's in PetPet Park :) hammered you

Who made petpet park?

TNT, or The Neopets Team, made Petpet Park.

Where is petpet empourium in petpet park?

Market Lane

On petpet park do you have homes?

You do have homes but I dont know how to get one, but I do have an account at Petpet Park.

How do you get parkpoints on petpet park?

To get parkpoints on Petpet Park, do a job for someone or play games.

Where do you get NC on petpet park?

you don't get it on petpet park. you have to actually buy it with real money.

On Petpet Park where is the golden EGG?

You can get the golden egg on petpet park at the pet shop