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it is buried by the post office

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Q: Where is the buried treasure in Petpet Park?
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Where is saltbeard's treasure in petpet park?

you guessed it, it's in PetPet Park :) hammered you

How do you get the ghost knight to be quiet on Petpet Park?

You have to find the treasure.

Where can you find the treasure on Pirate Alley on Petpet Park?

by the captain

Where is the treasure map in Petpet Park?

it is at pirate alley, near the bowling place, and click on the pile of sand.

Where can you find cap'n arf 's treasure in the Petpet Park?

You find his treasure at Park Station, there will be a "X" mark on a rock but before you can do that you have to do other stuff like.... ANSWERED BY AMBER T.

Where do you find the buried map on Petpet Park for blizzard mountain?

It's near Bonk & Binks lair.

Where is the petpet plaza on petpet park?

The Petpet Plaza is found by easily looking in your map on Petpet park.

Where is cap'n arf's treasure in Petpet Park?

At the post office with the x marked rock near Scurvy Bill

Where do you find the treasure in the wailing tunnels in Petpet Park?

the treasure of the wailing tunnels is behind the giant spider in the the spyder caverns. which is after the lair of the bandits. this is still in the wailing tunnels.

When was Petpet Park created?

Petpet Park was created in 2008-10.

Do you have a petpet park account?

You can use your Neopets account for PetPet park.

In Petpet Park where is the cyodrake map?

It is buried in blizzard mountain near bink & bonk's lair,There will be a red X mark.