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You will first see Suicune in the north of Cianwood City.Then you will find it next

to the entrance of Mt. Mortar,then it will head to Vermillion City in Kanto,after that

you will find it on route 14,and finally you will be able to capture it on the edge of route


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Q: Where are the locations that Suicune goes to in Pokemon soul silver?
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What places does Suicune travel to in soul silver?

suicune travels to Clainwood city then Route42,then goes to the Kanto reigon.You can capture it after you defeat the elite four and campion

Where is Suicune right before it goes to cerulean city in Pokemon heart gold?

get a life dude

How do do you catch Suicune in Pokemon HeartGold?

chase it then you can catch it find out where it goes on

How do you get to the suicune Pokemon?

First u have to go to Fushia City.Then go to some freak that goes crazy about Suicune on route 42 in the Johto region.And then he will tell u where to catch Suicune.Good luck!

Can you get more then one master ball in pokemon soul silver?

Not unless you hack. This goes for all Pokemon Games.

What are the legenary Pokemon you get in HeartGold?

In addition to the poster child, Ho-Oh, you can face these Pokemon on specific places: Suicune, Lugia and Mewtwo. Entei and Raikou are roaming Johto and you can meet them anywhere, but you can see where they are on the map. The same goes for Latias in Kanto. I think you can also get Kyogre or Groudon, but only one of them (The other one is in Soul Silver). And there is some you only get through events.

Were does Stephen go after you trade him in Pokemon soul silver?

He goes to the museum which is in pewter city.

Which is better Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Crystal?

It's kinda like the difference between yellow and red/blue: different Pokemon you can catch, slightly different animations, and some of the caves or towers are a little different.

How do you get riaku in Pokemon FireRed?

after you beat the elite four, if you started out with squirtle, it will appear randomly in the wild. same thing goes if you started out with charmander, you get suicune. if you started out with bulbasaur, you find entei

Where and how can you catch sweecune in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Suicune is found somewhat unusually. Once you have released it (from the Burned Tower), it will go north of Cianwood City. It leaves again and you can find it outside of the entrance of Mt. Mortar (Route 42). Then it goes to Kanto and it will be in Vermillion City. It now goes to Route 14. Finally, you can battle Suicune outside of Bill's house (Route 25).

Most common place to find suicun in pokemon firered?

There is no most common place to find Suicune (sometimes misspelled as suicun) in Pokémon FireRed. Where it goes is totally random.

Were is the tunnel the director is said to be in soul silver Pokemon?

He is in the underground path, that goes under Goldenrod City