Is there a 499th Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it goes up to 493

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Q: Is there a 499th Pokemon
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Where do you get a waterstone on Pokemon?

For which game? Pokemon Red Pokemon Blue Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Gold Pokemon Silver Pokemon Crystal Pokemon Sapphire Pokemon Ruby Pokemon FireRed Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl

What is the best grass type Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

torterra is the best grass type Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon VULTRAE:torterra or roserade

Name all of the Pokemon games?

There is Pokemon red, Pokemon blue, Pokemon yellow, Pokemon silver, Pokemon gold, Pokemon crystal,Pokemon leafgreen, Pokemon firered, Pokemon ruby, Pokemon sapphire, Pokemon emerald, Pokemon red rescue team, Pokemon blue rescue team, Pokemon ranger, Pokemon ranger shadows of almia,Pokemon Explorers of Time , Pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl,Pokemon Dash, Pokemon platinum, Pokemon coliseum Pokemon gale of darkness, Pokemon ranch, Pokemon battle revolution, Pokemon crater, Pokemon world online,Pokemon Explorers of Darkness,Pokemon explorers of sky, Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver.he forgot 2 in January 2010. Nintendo announced that there is going to be Pokemon black and white coming out some time in the year

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What are all the Pokémon games in the world?

All of the Pokemon games in the world are: Pokemon Red,Pokemon yellow pikachu edition and Pokemon blue, Pokemon Pinball, vpokemon pinball ruby and Sapphire edition, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon stadium 2, Pokemon Trading card game, Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Puzzle Challange, Hey you Pikachu!, Pokemon gold and Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon emerald ,Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon red rescue team, Pokemon blue rescue team, Pokemon explorers of time, Pokemon explorers of darkness, Pokemon ranger shadows of almia, and Pokemon black and white

How do you be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

What games can you migrate Pokemon to?

pokemon diamond pokemon pearl pokemon platnium pokemon heartgold pokemon soul silver

Pp up action replay code?

For which Pokemon game???????????????? Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon FireRed Pokemon Sapphire Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl