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u mean 7 sages right?1.cold storage2.hes in that cave with the electric a water fall on the other side of unova4.on the island where u get the larvesta egg5.Dream yard by striaton city6.? and u dont find Ghetisis;~]

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Q: Where are the helpers from N Pokemon Black?
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Where can you find N on Pokemon White and Black?

You will encounter N many times in Pokemon Black & White.

How do you get Reshiram in Pokemon Black and White?

In pokemon black you can get it at N's caslte

Can you capture N on Pokemon Black?


Where is N in black?

at the Pokemon league

What is a N in Pokemon indigo is it rare?

you can't find N in pokemon indigo. N is the second main antagonist (=villain) in pokemon black and white.

How do you beat N in Black and white?

with Pokemon

What Pokemon do you need beat n's sigiliph in Pokemon black?

Get a Sandile

Where is N after you finish the game Pokemon White or Black?

At N's castle

Where is king N's castle in Pokemon Black?

In the main storyline in Pokemon black King N's castle appears after you beat the last member of the elite four.

Do you get Reshiram at the end of the game in pokemon?

only in pokemon black. (n's castle)

Who is the person that is like n and has a dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon black?


Where in anville town is N in pokemon black?

N is not located in Anville Town.