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FLOOR 6,7,8,9

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Q: Where are the four rocket brothers in sliph co?
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Where is rocket boss in sliph co?

At the eleventh floor with the owner of the place

What do you do at sliph Co Pokemon FireRed?

You look for the team rocket boss and before you have face team rocket grunts and also your rival

Where to find sliph co on Pokemon LeafGreen?

After defeating Giovanni at his Rocket Headquarters in Celadon City he should give it to you.

Four rocket brothers?

They are four Rocket Grunts that you may battle while in the Silph Co. building. They introduce themselves as a Rocket Brother, and once defeated they proclaim: "My brothers will avenge me!" Although, they are insignificant, and aren't necessary to battle.

How do you get team rocket to move?

beat sliph co. building a key should be @ 5th floor to get in beat Giovanni in the rocket hideout under the game corner

Where is the master ball in leafgreen?

go to Sliph Co and meet the president he will give it to you.note: you have to beat team rocket first.

Do you have a map of sliph co?


How do you beat the ghost in poketower?

You have to get the Sliph Scope from the Sliph Co. Building after you beat Giovonnie

How to get master balls in FireRed?

defeat all the rockets in sliph co. (saffron city) and free the sliph co. pres. and he will give it to you

What city is sliph co in?

Saffron city.

How do you get the guy in front of sliph co to move?

do you have the sliph scope and did you defeat the rockets under the game place? if not try that and then he should be moved out of the way and sleeping.

Where is the master ball in sliph co in leafgreen?

go to silths co battle your rivel then battle team rocket's boss talk to the guy on the couch [prasident] and he will give you a masterball.[becareful you can only do once every file[once every time you restart]].