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You look for the team rocket boss and before you have face team rocket grunts and also your rival

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Q: What do you do at sliph Co Pokemon FireRed?
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What city is sliph co found in Pokemon FireRed?

It can be found in CELADON CITY

Where do you find a master ball in Pokemon FireRed?

After you defeat Giovanni in Sliph Co. the President will give you the MASTER BALL.

How to get master balls in FireRed?

defeat all the rockets in sliph co. (saffron city) and free the sliph co. pres. and he will give it to you

Where is sliph co. on Pokemon FireRed?

Silph Co. is in Saffron City. Go through the City to the GIGANTIC Building, go inside, and then go to this web page for help then on:

How do you get sliph scope on Pokemon FireRed?

to get the sliph scope you have to go to safron city to the team rocket warehouse and defeat the boss and he will drop the sliph scope and you have to pick it up (it is inside of a poke ball)

How do you get into the phychic gym on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Defeat Giovanni In The Sliph Co. And It Is Gonna Be Unlocked.

How do you Get past ghosts in Pokemon Blue?

Go to the Silph Co. in celadon and get the sliph scope.

Were is the silph scope in sliph co in saffron city for blue Pokemon?

The silph scope is not in silph co its in the game corner.

Do you have a map of sliph co?


How do you catch in sliph co in Pokemon firered?

You go to the game corner in the town with the department store, then in the back right corner there is a poster and you press a on it, it will open up a secret door which is team rockets base. defeat their boss in there then you can o to silph co. At silph co the boss is there again and when you defeat him you get the masterball

Where to find sliph co on Pokemon LeafGreen?

After defeating Giovanni at his Rocket Headquarters in Celadon City he should give it to you.

Where do you get masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Silph co.