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after u get all of the badges u surf east from new bark town to then walk north to them

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Q: Where are the elite 4 in Pokemon Silver?
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Where is the elite 4 in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

the elite 4 is in kanto

How can you get to the next region i Pokemon Silver?

Beat the Elite 4

Where is the elite 4 and champion Pokemon soul silver?

In the indigo platue

Where is Silver after you beat the elite 4 in Pokemon gold?

in indidgo league

Where is stevan on Pokemon Soul Silver?

normally, he is the elite 4 champion.

How do you beat the elite 4 easily on soul silver?

Have level 100 pokemon

Is there any good places to train pokemon on soul silver?

You can train at Mt. Silver or at the elite 4. The elite 4 get tougher though so that might be hard for some people

How do you become a member of the elite 4 in Pokemon soul silver?

You must become a Pokemon master and deafeat a preavious member

What are the levels of the Kanto Elite 4s Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

They are the same levels as the previous Elite 4, well i am currently just about to enter Mt Silver (After winning the 8 Kanto Badges) and so far the Elite 4 have the same leveled Pokemon.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to soul silver without beating the elite 4 first?

Yes, go to any Pokemon center. You need to have passed some point in the game but this is miles before the elite 4.

What team should you bring into the elite for with for Pokemon soul silver?

well... for me i used my strongest Pokemon in the battles against the Elite 4... but it all depends on the kind of Pokemon that you have caught and their levels as well

Where can you find elite 4 in Pokemon soul silver?

Travel to the border between Kanto and Johto.