Where are the Grasses of Sinnoh?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They are near Snowpoint City in Pokemon Diamond Pearl.

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Q: Where are the Grasses of Sinnoh?
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How do you catch Mesprit without a masterball and you have a golbat lv63?

it'll be in the grasses of sinnoh use meanlook + hypnosis then ultra ball

Is cherubi a Hoenn or sinnoh Pokemon?


Pokemon HeartGold how to get to sinnoh?

you cant get to sinnoh in heart gold, but you can find the gym leaders from sinnoh.

What is the name of Pokemon Sinnoh theme song?

First Sinnoh theme: Diamond and Pearl Second Sinnoh theme: DP Galactic Battle Third Sinnoh theme: DP Battle Dimension Last Sinnoh theme: DP Sinnoh League Victors

How do you evolve evee into leafeon?

SINNOH In the Eterna Forest, there is a Moss Rock surrounded by patches of grass. Level up Eevee in these grasses and it will evolve into Leafeon.UNOVAIn the Pinwheel Forest there is also a Moss Rock that you can evolve Eevee into a Leafeon with.NeonBlue15

Where is sinnoh in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can't get sinnoh in heartgold.

Can you get to the Sinnoh region in Pokemon white?

No there is no way to get to Sinnoh.

Where is the sinnoh region in Pokemon Sapphire?

there is no sinnoh region

Where do you find moltres in Pokemon Platinum?

After getting the national pokedex, If you speak to proffessor oak in enterna city, he will tell you that Moltres has been spotted nearby witin the SINNOH region. It is roaming in the grasses of sinnoh so you have to be prudent in your hunting! It is at level 60! This link should tell you all the legendary pokemons in Pokemon platinum! Hope I helped Zeef!

How do you get to sinnoh on soul silver?

You have to have arceus to get to sinnoh but only once

What number is registeel in the sinnoh dex?

Registeel is not in the Sinnoh Pokedex. :)

What is 134 in sinnoh dex?

Finneon is 134 in Sinnoh Dex