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One appears after beating brock at route 3, one is at route 2, one is in the rock tunnel Pokemon center (its not in the cave right outside the cave), one is in a big building on the route east of vermilion city, on the route east of fuchsia city in a big building another oak aide is in there, another one is inside a big building on the route west of celadon city.

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Q: Where are professor oak's aides in FireRed?
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Flash in Pokemon FireRed?

one of professor oaks aides gives it to you

Where is the amulet coin in FireRed?

one of professor oaks aides give it 2 u but u have to have 40 different kinds of Pokemon

How do you catch vs locator on Pokemon FireRed?

From one of proffessor oaks aides

Where are Professor Oaks Aides in Pokemon LeafGreen?

all i know there is one at route 11 15 and 16

How do you get running boots in Pokemon FireRed?

I believe one of Professor Oak's aides gives you them after you beat Brock and are exiting the city to the east.

How many aides are in Pokemon FireRed?

There are 5 oak aides.

How do you catch the running shoes in FireRed?

By beating Brock and then going east until you see one of professor oaks aids and he will give them to you

What do you get with a Pokémon diploma on Pokémon FireRed?

you go back to professor oaks lab and he gives you the choice of either cyndaquil chikorita and totodile

How do you catch poke flute in Pokemon firered?

After reaching the top of Pokemon tower defeat team rocket then talk to mr fuji he will take you to his house talk to him again to get the poke flute.I'm pretty sure one of oaks little aides gives it to you if you've caught a certain amount of Pokemon.go find oaks aides they are usually upstairs in those passage rooms

How do you get amount coin in FireRed?

If u mean the amulet coin after u get 40 kinds of Pokemon on your pokedex professor oaks aide gives it to you in the building on route 16.

Where do you get the itemfinder in Pokemon FireRed?

You should be able to receive an Itemfinder off one of Professor Oak's aides on Route 11. However, you need to have captured 30 Pokemon or more to receive it.

Where to buy exp.share in FireRed?

The EXP. Share cannot be bought anywhere in the game. You get it from one of Professor Oak's aides on the second floor of the gate to Route 15 when you've caught 50 Pokemon.