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Tiny mushrooms and Big mushrooms are sometimes held by the Pokemon Paras and Parasect both can be found in Area 1 of the safari zone.

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Q: Where are mushrooms on Pokemon FireRed?
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Where can you find tiny mushrooms on Pokemon FireRed?

on paras

Where are the mushrooms for the move tutor in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to catch a Paris to get tiny mushrooms and a parasect to catch big mushrooms

Where are all of the mushrooms in Pokemon FireRed?

You could never know that. For little mushrooms, catch a Paras, for they are known to be holding little mushrooms. BYE!

Where to find tiny mushrooms in firered Pokemon?

a paras or parasect might be holding one

Where is the move relearner in Pokemon FireREd?

he is on 2 island near the game building you need to give him tiny mushrooms or big mushrooms

Where is the move releamer in Pokemon FireRed?

Move relearner? On two island near the game corner he wants tiny mushrooms or big mushrooms give it to him to make him reteach moves to your pokemon.

On Pokemon firered whear is the guy who can teach your Pokemon moves?

on two island....bring him mushrooms (can be found on wild paras/parasect)

Where can you get mushrooms in Pokemon FireRed?

Get a Pokemon who knows the move thief and battle a wild paras and use thief on it, you'll probably get a tinymushroom or something.

In Pokemon pearl what are mushrooms?

A mere Cameo appearance from Firered and Leafgreen. They do no good, so you may as well sell them.

Where is the move tutor man in Pokemon FireRed?

The Move tutor can be found on Two Island. His house is right next to the Game Corner. Bring him Tiny Mushrooms or Giant Mushrooms and he will reward you with his ability to tutor your pokemon.

How do find mushrooms in Pokemon FireRed?

Parasect and paras sometimes give you tinymushrooms when you catch or use the move thief and covet to them.

What are tiny mushrooms and big mushrooms used for in Pokemon diamond?

They can be given to the Move Relearner to teach a Pokemon a Move it's already learned in FireRed and LeafGreen, but serves no purpose other than to be sold in Diamond and Pearl.