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all the idol fragments would be by in the building by the bridge

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Q: Where are all the idol fragments in fossil fighters?
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Is there a code for all fossils in fossil fighters?

No there is not

Where can you find a perso fossil in fossil fighters?

parchment desert after all oasis seeds are planted

How do you get squik in fossil fighters?

Get all vivosaurs to rank 12.

How do you get duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

get all 100 vivosaurs

What vivosaur has the berserker ability in fossil fighters champions?

Only a few can not but they all take the miraculus fossil.

Can you play fossil fighters for DSI?

Yes. You can play fossil fighters on the DS, DSL and the DSi. You can play all* ds games on the DSi. *Unless they have an accsessory that uses the GBA slot

Is there an ar code for all of your vivisaurs on your team to be at rank 12 in Fossil Fighters?

No There is not Because Fossil Fighters is to new to have action Replay codes, But I Typed This October 4Th Sunday 2009

How do you get Aopteryx to transform in fossil fighters?

you have to have all its skills then you use ancient power

How do you get all the chicken in fossil fighters?

U have to download it from the wii download service

Is there a cheat code for fossil fighters to have all fossil areas?

just finish the game. its that simple. its no fun if u do it like that

Where are all the body fossil of spin ax in fossil fighters?

You can buy it from the store in the fossil guild. If you can't find a Spinax there then go to Green Horn Plains

Where you find guan on fossil fighters?

The Guan Fossil rock for all the parts- Head, Body, Arms, and Legs- is in Mt. Lavaflow.