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there is one in mt.cornet and the other one is on battle island on a a ledge in the survival zone

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Q: Where are all the dawn stones in Pokemon platinum?
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Where s all the water stones on Pokemon platinum?

The Underground

Pokemon platinum code to get all stones?

there is none sorry

What are all the Pokemon using stones or trading evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

There are two ways to evelove Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by lefstones and leveling up.

In Pokemon platinum where can you get all stones?

Underground. Use Explorer Kit, then dig around.

What are all the Pokemon that are evolved by stones on Pokemon white?

fire, water, leaf, dusk,dawn, idk but i know some others if you want to know, go to google and type what are all the stones

What stones are possible to obtain that make Pokemon evolve on Pokemon pearl version?

Here are SOME stones: dawn dusk leaf fire sun water oval stone everstone (prevents Pokemon from evolving) moon thunder these are all of the stones i know about.

How can you get all starter Pokemon in platinum?

You cant on gameplay you can meet them from dawn and your best friend or you could trade but on normal gameplay no

What are all the stones that evolve Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

shiny,dawn dusk,fire,water,leaf,and wish stone. by-dagr81 and oval stone by totallychoco

How do you catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

it is very hard to catch all Pokemon you have to use your pokeradar, migrate Pokemon, insert gameboy games and catch unusual Pokemon, talk to Dawn's/Loran's sister, trade, and events

Pokemon Platinum how to get all the Pokemon in the world?

Catch, train, evolve, trade, breed, use stones, restore fossils, raise friendship, and have them learn specific moves. Those are all the ways all the Pokemon are obtained.

How do you get monfernointo your pokedex if dawn never sends out her monferno in Pokemon platinum?

Let Team Galactic kill all of her Pokemon until she has to send out Monferno. Don't attack Team Galactic's Pokemon let them kill Dawn's until she sends out Monferno.

How do you get shards turned into stones on platinum?

there is this guy in the sea at sunyshore city then you talk to him and he changes all the shards into stones or you can buy the NDS action replay ultimate code for Pokemon and get 999x stones of every kind