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All the unknown can be found in tanoby cave which is on the 7th island. They only show up in the cave after you solve the rock puzzle at the end of the cave which is fairly easy to do. Yes, i agree with the 1 above me...but go to this website ( green/unown.shtml) and it shows you where every unown is found. I used it and am now looking 4 my legendary dog!

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Q: Where are all of the unknown in pokemon firered?
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In Pokemon FireRed how do you get to unknown dungeon?

what the pooperscoopers is the unknown dungeon in Pokemon firered you dummies?!

What happens after you get all 30 unknown Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

nothing happens unfortunetly

Pokemon FireRed where is unknown B?


What cave do you get unknown M in Pokemon FireRed?

the unknown M is in the rixy chamber

What do unknown evolve into on Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get Unknown in Pokemon FireRed?

go to 7 island

How many unknown are there in Pokemon FireRed?

All 28 Unown are available in Pokémon FireRed within the Tanoby Ruins on 7 Island.

How do you sell unknown in FireRed?

If you mean Unkown as in the pokemon, you can't.

Where do you catch unknown on Pokemon FireRed?

U go to the Sucfib Chamber

What is in the weepth chamber in Pokemon FireRed?

i think its unknown but im not sure... >.<

What are the ruins on seven island for in FireRed?

It is said that when you get all unknown you will get something i think a pokemon but i am not sure

Where are all the Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

every where