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Q: Where and how do you open the memory stick flap on the PS3?
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Can you use a memory stick on the PS3?

There is a little flap at the front of a PS3. Inside it are memory stick ports so you can connect them to your PS3

Do you need a memory stick for PS3?


Can a pro duo memory stick be used in a ps3?

no it can not

Updating in PS3?

To update your PS3 you will either need an internet connection to your PS3 or access to a computer with internet and a USB memory stick. If you have an internet connection to your PS, simply go to settings on the XMB and select system update at the top of the list. Select download from internet, follow the on screen instructions, and the update will download and install. To install off a memory stick download the update to the stick from Playstation's website. Then plug in the stick into your PS3 and select system update from the XMB. When prompted select install from memory stick and follow the instructions to install the update.

How do you export a PS3 save from a psp to PS3?

Ok first of all, when you take it from your PC and put it on your PSP's memory stick it needs to be in this format: -The folder at the root of your memory stick needs to be: "PS3" (with out the quotations) -The folder inside of the "PS3" folder needs to be: "SAVEDATA" (with out the quotations) -The folder inside of the "SAVEDATA" needs to be: "BLUS30086-PROFILE" (with out the quotations) -Inside of the "BLUS30086-PROFILE" you put the file(s) If you transfer the save data from your PS3 to your memory stick it should do all of this for you automatically. To move this to the PS3: -While browsing the XMB go to the Game column -Next go to the Save Game Data folder -Scroll to the top, select your memory stick, then click triangle then "display all" Now your file save should be right in front of your face!

Can you take memory from a 40 gig PS3 and put it on a 60 gig PS3?

yes, but here is the catch. the ps3 needs a memeroy stick and then you transfer data amounts a little at a time.

How do you get ps3 games move them and download them into psp memory stick?

No you get PSP games on your PS3 at the PlayStation Store and then you move them to the PSP. The PSP will not play PS3 games, but the PS3 can download and store the PSP games and not play them

Do you need a memory card for a digital camera?

no u do not its how much memory u have on the ps3 for example the 120 gb, it contains 120 gb of memory.

If you have a PSP memory stick can you put it in your PS3?

The PS3 does not contain a slot for Pro Duo Memory Sticks. However if you're able to find some kind of USB adaptor for them, it can read them in the same way as any memory card or pendrive, etc.

How do you hook up your PS3 to the computher?

You cant, you can make a media server on your PC and access the files on you PC from your PS3, or copy the data to a memory stick and insert it.

Is there a memory card for PS3?

No, their is not a memory card for the ps3.

Do I need a credit card to open a PS3 account?

you only need a stick with some shine to it!