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above mohagany city in lake of rage go in water and you will find a red gyradosyou have to surf to it and fight it.Careful, don't kill it! I personally used a ultra ball Cuz' it's hard to catch i suggest not to use a powerful Pokemon like your starter use your flying Pokemon ~Roblox commite

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Q: Where Do You find The Red Gyarados In Pokemon silver?
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Where can you find a Gyarados in Pokemon soul silver?

you find a red gyrados at the rage lake

What pond do you find red Gyarados at?

In Pokemon Silver you can find red gyarados in LAKE OF RAGE. You need to go up route 43 from Mahogany Citie = =

Where can you find the red Gyarados in Pokemon Yellow?

It is not possible to get the Red Gyarados in Pokémon Yellow version. You can only get it in Gold, Silver and Crystal version.

Where do a catch red Gyarados in Pokemon diamond?

A red gyarados is a shiny gyarados (however, the Pokemon Company did not call them shiny untill the Unova Region). You can find it wherever you can find a normal gyarados, but your chances to find it are very slim.

Where do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

you don't get one.but you can in Pokemon gold,silver,heart gold,and soul silver.

In Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver where do you get the expshare?

Talk to Mr.Pokemon after you get a red scale from the red gyarados

Where do you find a red Gyarados in soul silver?

lake of rage

Is there any shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Yes, but like on gold/silver/crystal versions you have to find them randonmly. there are no gift shiny Pokemon like the red gyarados

Is there a red Gyarados in Pokemon platinum?

well theres a very low percent that you can find one but in Pokemon heartgold/soul silver theres one in a lake

WHERE do you get a red scale in Pokemon Silver for GBC?

Defeat the red gyarados in Mahagony Town in the Lake of Rage.

Where do you find the red Gyarados on Pokemon pearl?

khadels backyard

Where do you get expshare in soul silver?

After you fight the Red Gyarados at Lake Rage, go talk to Mr. Pokemon. He will offer you the EXP share for the Red Scale you get for beating/capturing the Red Gyarados.